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Traditional Jewelry

Indonesian traditional culture in many types and varieties. Culture exists in the form of real ( material ) and its form can be enjoyed or seen directly as traditional clothes, traditional jewelry and others. But there is also the intangible but still can be enjoyed directly example of style, moral teachings, and others.

Traditional jewelry in each region has its own characteristics different from region to region. Similarity is a function of jewelry as a marker of social status and position and rank of the wearer. Jewelry also has relationships with a growing culture in the area.

Examples of traditional jewelry collection in Java. Kind very much and each one has its own function. In addition, in any type of jewelry, to wear it also has its own rules. So not everyone can freely use it, even though he likes or wants.

Javanese Traditional Jewelry

In general, materials to make traditional jewelry is a wide range of metals, either individually or combined in some precious metals with precious stones for example. Some of the most widely used material for making traditional jewelry, among others :

Gold and precious stones
Almost in all areas even the world agree that gold jewelry is a material that is most valued. Similarly, in making traditional jewelry, gold became one of the main ingredients either pure gold or gold that has been mixed with other metals. Thus the traditional jewelry made of gold is becoming one of the sources of wealth whose value will continue to grow. Not surprising when the ownership of this gold is traditionally a symbol of status and wealth. So that only rich people are able to have and use traditional jewelry made of gold. This also applies in today's modern life, although did not rule out ordinary people can have a lot of gold jewelry, both derived from the estate because of the form of savings or family feel safer investing in the form of gold jewelry instead of having to save money in the bank.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning

There are many commercial products available which include silver jewelry wipes, soap, paint, dip silver jewelry, ultra - sonic cleaner, etc. If the silver jewelry has tarnished to a great extent and it seems very close to black, then it is best to use a silver jewelry cleaner ultra - sonic with sonic cleaning fluid to remove the stain. Other products can be used for regular cleaning or for light to medium stain.

Cleaning solutions with Home Based Products
There are a number of homemade products that you can use to clean silver jewelry and can be made easily by using simple materials. One such jewelry cleaner homemade recipe mentioned below.

About Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has been known to man since prehistoric times. It is estimated that silver was found shortly after the discovery of gold and copper.

The Egyptians considered gold as a metal is perfect, so it is symbolized by the circle intact. While silver, because gold is considered the most approaching, symbolized by drawing a half circle.

Therefore, silver is often used as a means of payment to pay off debts, jewelry, as well as equipment for religious rituals and Decorative rich people long ago.

The first time the mine was silver for jewelry in the Bronze Age era. At that time, silver are found in Europe and western Asia. One of the famous silver mine is Laurion, located near Athens in Greece. The silver mine was discovered about the year 500 BC, at a government -owned land. The results of these mines contribute significant funds for the construction of the Navy 's first Athens to Athens later became a powerful city.

Jewelry Shopping

One of the jewelry shopping is in the exhibition. In Jakarta, jewelry exhibitions are often held, one of which is the Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ). Various types of jewelry with the latest innovations and refers to the latest fashions available in full at Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ). Exhibitions are held regularly presented jewelery manufacturers from all over the region du Indonesia and from a number of countries. They presented to reconcile with the buyer and also the jewelery lovers.

Furthermore, Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ) becomes a destination for collectors of jewelry, especially women who like ornate as well as investing. In the event this JIJF, jewelry lovers and collectors can explore a variety of design and the latest jewelry trends.

Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories are two things that are identical and attached to a woman . Yes , jewelry and accessories will always adorn the women wherever they go . By wearing jewelry or accessories , the womenfolk would feel more comfortable and be considered as a complement to the clothes worn .

Currently , there are many types of jewelry and accessories that are sold in the market women . All kinds of jewelry is certainly very interesting and has a characteristic of each . What type of jewelry ? he's full review .

Jewellery and Accessories for Women Mandatory
For women , jewelry and accessories are considered as a complement to their appearance . When to go to work or to a party, a woman must never be separated from jewelry such as rings , bracelets , and earrings . As changes in fashion and style of dress , jewelry perhaps someone who is now no longer used in accordance with the latest fashion .