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About Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has been known to man since prehistoric times. It is estimated that silver was found shortly after the discovery of gold and copper.

The Egyptians considered gold as a metal is perfect, so it is symbolized by the circle intact. While silver, because gold is considered the most approaching, symbolized by drawing a half circle.

Therefore, silver is often used as a means of payment to pay off debts, jewelry, as well as equipment for religious rituals and Decorative rich people long ago.

The first time the mine was silver for jewelry in the Bronze Age era. At that time, silver are found in Europe and western Asia. One of the famous silver mine is Laurion, located near Athens in Greece. The silver mine was discovered about the year 500 BC, at a government -owned land. The results of these mines contribute significant funds for the construction of the Navy 's first Athens to Athens later became a powerful city.

Today, silver jewelry has been present in various manifold. Ranging from necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and much more. Because of the elegance and value juanya, silver jewelry production centers are springing up, including in Indonesia. In Indonesia, especially Java, silver jewelery production center is located in the famous Kota Gede, Yogyakarta.

Silver Jewelry Cleaning Tips
Because of the influence of age and mushrooms, silver jewelry can be dull. But Eits, do not rush to exchange your favorite silver jewelry. By setting up a glass pan, aluminum foil, and baking soda, you can clean it yourself with silver jewelry is easy, fast and cheap.

Please follow the following tips on cleaning silver jewelry :

Cover pan with aluminum foil glass.

Heat a pot of water to boil on the stove.

Sprinkle the foil with baking soda in large quantities.

Place your silver jewelry on top of the aluminum foil.

Pour boiling water over silver jewelry, until submerged.

Shake the pan, until the silver jewelry into the pan for five minutes.

Remove with tongs silver jewelry. Rinse under cold water and pat dry with a towel.

Once dry, store your silver jewelry in a jewelry box. Place the box in a cool, dry area.

Another simple way to clean your silver jewelry is the orange juice. Mix salt in orange juice, then dip a soft cloth in the juice. Rub your silver jewelry with fabric dye earlier. Rinse with clean water, pat dry. Voila, clean shine !

Actually, dda several methods that can be adopted to clean silver jewelry. However, when selecting the method you should consider the extent to which the jewelry has tarnished. You can use either silver products commercially available cleaning or cleaning solution you can prepare at home and use it to remove stains.

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