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Javanese Traditional Jewelry

In general, materials to make traditional jewelry is a wide range of metals, either individually or combined in some precious metals with precious stones for example. Some of the most widely used material for making traditional jewelry, among others :

Gold and precious stones
Almost in all areas even the world agree that gold jewelry is a material that is most valued. Similarly, in making traditional jewelry, gold became one of the main ingredients either pure gold or gold that has been mixed with other metals. Thus the traditional jewelry made of gold is becoming one of the sources of wealth whose value will continue to grow. Not surprising when the ownership of this gold is traditionally a symbol of status and wealth. So that only rich people are able to have and use traditional jewelry made of gold. This also applies in today's modern life, although did not rule out ordinary people can have a lot of gold jewelry, both derived from the estate because of the form of savings or family feel safer investing in the form of gold jewelry instead of having to save money in the bank.

In addition to gold, this jewelry is sometimes also given a diamond, diamonds or other precious stones to add to the beauty of the jewelry. Besides adding beauty, when combined gold

the stones began to like it, will also increase the sale value of the jewelry. Thus began more and more used stone, the more expensive the price. not

surprisingly, traditional jewelry made of gold with inlaid diamonds and other precious stones, only owned by the king and the royal family alone.

Traditional jewelry made from silver is actually not too often used in Java. Except in the city of Jogjakarta or Gedhe that long ago was known as a center for the manufacture of silver. This material is only used for jewelry that small size alone, such as a ring or bracelet. In other areas of traditional jewelry made of silver, including quite a lot, but since the value is not as fancy and expensive as traditional jewelry made of gold, the jewelry made of silver is used by the lower of the king and family. Or if used by the king and his family, then there is a major jewelry that will show their social status.

Jewelry with brass typically used by the middle class. They had the social status and rank or position, but not too high. Traditional forms of jewelry made from brass is usually used in the form of rank insignia, buttons, watches, rings, and other traditional jewelry. Of course assessed from the price, the lower brass jewelry of gold and silver, so it is also indicated by their social status. But of course the people of the middle class that has jewelry from brass, will still be assessed people in earlier times. By itself would be the pride of future generations.

Is a material to make jewelry cheapest price. Usually used by most people with high social standing and do not have no particular position.

Traditional Jewelry Types of Java
In the Java community, especially Java and Yogyakarta Tengan, shaped necklace jewelry used in any kind of activity. However, each type of activity also have their own models. There is also a necklace that used to show the positions of people who use it in the palace. For example, the model for a soldier necklace is definitely different from the model used by a warrior chief. In addition there is also a brooch necklace with the same function. How to wear it pinned to the shirt fabric in the chest. This is one form of jewelry that also identifies the social status and rank it has.

In traditional societies, the jewelry does not only have economic value, the value of the function, it is also the ladder in his career. Good career in the kingdom became soldiers and courtiers of the palace, as well as formal career in government. It is now the jewelry is not at the same show two things, besides that one form of investment jewelry.

In addition to the previously mentioned jewelry, traditionally known in the community as well other jewelry such as bracelets, rings, binggel ( bracelet worn on the foot ) and others. But this is only a function of jewelry accessories only. Not to indicate rank or social standing, but the material is just different. The higher the material, the higher the price. So that anyone who has the jewelry will always be associated with the assets held. And such understanding, it is still true today in modern society.

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