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Traditional Jewelry

Indonesian traditional culture in many types and varieties. Culture exists in the form of real ( material ) and its form can be enjoyed or seen directly as traditional clothes, traditional jewelry and others. But there is also the intangible but still can be enjoyed directly example of style, moral teachings, and others.

Traditional jewelry in each region has its own characteristics different from region to region. Similarity is a function of jewelry as a marker of social status and position and rank of the wearer. Jewelry also has relationships with a growing culture in the area.

Examples of traditional jewelry collection in Java. Kind very much and each one has its own function. In addition, in any type of jewelry, to wear it also has its own rules. So not everyone can freely use it, even though he likes or wants.

Like most traditional fixtures, always linked to the growing problem of trust in the community itself. When the public trust in the spirit of the ancestors still high, for example, the various traditional fixtures will be closely linked with the issue of trust so that it appears that traditional equipment is considered to have magical powers. Similarly, when the trust was experiencing a shift, it is a form of traditional gear was experiencing the same thing.

Speaking of traditional jewelry, can be generally categorized into several types of jewelry as intended. So in masyararakat we know there is jewelry that is used for the ceremony, there is jewelry that is used to indicate rank, there is also a function of jewelry that is just for clothing accessories or equipment only. Nevertheless, despite the different designation, whose name jewelry still processed so as to produce a form that is not only unique, but also attract high artistic value. Similarly, the materials he used, will always sought high -grade materials. That's why traditional jewelry is much more durable than modern equipment or accessories.

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