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Jewelry Shopping

One of the jewelry shopping is in the exhibition. In Jakarta, jewelry exhibitions are often held, one of which is the Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ). Various types of jewelry with the latest innovations and refers to the latest fashions available in full at Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ). Exhibitions are held regularly presented jewelery manufacturers from all over the region du Indonesia and from a number of countries. They presented to reconcile with the buyer and also the jewelery lovers.

Furthermore, Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ) becomes a destination for collectors of jewelry, especially women who like ornate as well as investing. In the event this JIJF, jewelry lovers and collectors can explore a variety of design and the latest jewelry trends.

In 2012, Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ) fifth held in Balai Kartini ii followed by 200 participants and lasted for four days. Participants JIJF cast consists of jewelry entrepreneurs from small industries, medium-, and large-scale. They come from various regions in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Banten, Yogyakarta, Bali, Banjarmasin, and other areas known as jewelry manufacturer in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, in 2011, the exhibition JIJF met by around 30,000 visitors and most are women. The next year, visitors climb to over 50,000 people. On weekends, ie Saturday and Sunday, the number of visitors could reach 15,000 people.

In this exhibition, buyers from abroad became the main target and an increase in exports of jewelry is the ultimate goal. Even so, the end user becomes the most visitors, especially women, especially jewelery exhibition is open to anyone and free of charge entry.

Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ) which had the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry, APEPI, and the jewelers in this country is not only used as a means of shopping destinations. JIJF was not just showing off a variety of jewelry such as gold, silver, and other typical rocks.

This exhibition was not merely presenting jewelry from other countries such as Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Not only showing off the jewelry with the cheapest price around 10,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Jakarta International Jewellery Fair ( JIJF ) also presents a variety of talk shows are able to provide information to the visitors about all the things about jewelry. For example, about how the gold investment guide to buying diamonds and other precious stones.

Tip buy Jewellery and Accessories
Jewelry is not just limited to women mere accessory. In addition to investments, either short term or long term, women's jewelry accessories can also be used as the symbol of the social status of a woman. Therefore, selecting and buying jewelry certainly can not be indiscriminate.

Well, before you decide to buy jewelry you want, you should consider the following tips.

1. Knowing Appetite

Do not buy jewelry just because they follow a trend or simply went along with a friend. Know the exact model of the preferred jewelery and according to taste. This is important, because it will look more beautiful jewelry is used when selecting it carefully. Choosing appropriate jewelry will certainly add a beautiful appearance while wearing them.

2. Customize with Finance
The financial condition is very important to consider before buying jewelry. Do not force yourself to buy expensive jewelry if the financial situation does not allow to buy it. So, with a budget sesuaika owned. Expensive jewelry will not necessarily make a person look beautiful appearance. The most important thing is a person fit and likes to wear jewelry.

3. Perform Survey
Before buying jewelry. Ask in advance to friends or other people where to buy jewelry cheap, but quality. Do not let one buy jewelry or fake asphalt and easily corroded.

In addition, try visiting the jewelry shops to know the quality and compare prices of any jewelry. Provide more time to survey some of the jewelry store. Make sure you buy your favorite jewelry store and the best quality.

That tip buy jewelry and ladies accessories. Happy shopping !

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