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Jewelry and Accessories

Jewelry and accessories are two things that are identical and attached to a woman . Yes , jewelry and accessories will always adorn the women wherever they go . By wearing jewelry or accessories , the womenfolk would feel more comfortable and be considered as a complement to the clothes worn .

Currently , there are many types of jewelry and accessories that are sold in the market women . All kinds of jewelry is certainly very interesting and has a characteristic of each . What type of jewelry ? he's full review .

Jewellery and Accessories for Women Mandatory
For women , jewelry and accessories are considered as a complement to their appearance . When to go to work or to a party, a woman must never be separated from jewelry such as rings , bracelets , and earrings . As changes in fashion and style of dress , jewelry perhaps someone who is now no longer used in accordance with the latest fashion .

But , on the other hand , there is still a classic design jewelry and accessories that until now according to the mode of development . Well, here are 5 jewelry classic design that must be owned by women .

1 . Dangly Earrings ( Earrings -stranded )
Whatever the color , be it the classic black , shiny , or bright , earrings stranded still not obsolete . Dangly earrings will still look modern and elegant ever. The women who wear earrings are guaranteed to be stranded flood of praise . In addition to elegant , these earrings can be combined with various types of clothing such as t - shirts , evening dresses , denim pants , and other clothing types .

2 . Statement Necklace ( Large Sized Necklace )
Just like stranded earrings , statement necklace or large necklace was not cracked by time and includes a very good investment . Another advantage of this jewelry is suitable for use by women of all ages .

Moreover , this classic design necklace also easily combined with various types of clothing such as a dress without straps , colored shirts , formal dress , and so forth . However, avoid using statement necklace and earrings stranded together . To complement , should wear such jewelry cocktail ring ( ring cocktail ) .

3 . Cocktail Ring ( Ring Cocktail )
Have you ever wear a cocktail ring ? For those who have never wear it , do not ever underestimate the power of the cocktail ring . This ring is known as the jewelry is classy and sexy . The specialty of the cocktail ring is suitable for all types of clothing .

4 . Stellar Studs
Watch named stellar studs can be worn for everyday activities . Stellar studs can be combined with a large necklace . For women , choose a neutral color stellar studs or studs stellar colors for funky women .

5 . Cuff Bracelet ( Cuff Bracelet )
In this modern era , there is no salahya us wearing the classic accessory . Yes , now is the perfect time to wear jewelry classic back , one of which is a cuff bracelet or cuff bracelet . Watch this one looks like a must-have women , because it can be combined with various types of clothing and other accessories .

Therefore , you should not hesitate anymore womanhood aside money to buy a cuff bracelet . Besides easy to integrate with various types of clothing , this bracelet can be adjusted to the size of the wrist .

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