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Silver Jewelry Cleaning

There are many commercial products available which include silver jewelry wipes, soap, paint, dip silver jewelry, ultra - sonic cleaner, etc. If the silver jewelry has tarnished to a great extent and it seems very close to black, then it is best to use a silver jewelry cleaner ultra - sonic with sonic cleaning fluid to remove the stain. Other products can be used for regular cleaning or for light to medium stain.

Cleaning solutions with Home Based Products
There are a number of homemade products that you can use to clean silver jewelry and can be made easily by using simple materials. One such jewelry cleaner homemade recipe mentioned below.

Materials Required :

1/4 cup of salt

1/4 cup of liquid dish soap

1/4 cup of baking soda


aluminum foil

A big pot



Cover the inside of a large pot with aluminum foil on all sides and the bottom. Mix the salt, liquid dish soap and baking soda in a half gallon of water and pour into the pan. Then, place the silver jewelry in the solution and place the pot on low heat for a few minutes.

Turn off the stove and let the jewelry for a few minutes. Take out of the pan using a sieve and rinse the jewelery under cool running water. Make sure you wash solution either of jewelery, especially salt. Then, place the jewelry in a soft, clean towel to dry. Disposing of aluminum foil with caution.

Toothpaste to Clean Silver Jewelry
Use white toothpaste to clean silver jewelry can give excellent results. First, you will need to dampen silver jewelry to be cleaned. Then, take a generous amount of white toothpaste and apply it to an old soft toothbrush. Toothpaste to gently brush the silver jewelry for one or two minutes, then rinse and dry with a clean, soft towel.

You will need to be very careful lifting stone jewelry while cleaning it.
Make sure you do not put any porous stone into the cleaning solution because it can damage the precious stones. Make sure you store your silver jewelry in a jewelry box rather than store them in paper, cotton or unlined wooden box.

Most importantly, remember to clean stains on a regular basis to avoid too much plaque that is built on your silver jewelry.

Making Shiny
Well, baking soda and water is all you need to get back the lost luster of your silver jewelry. Just need to take some baking soda and add water to make a paste mixture pemersih. Add water gradually, because you do not want your pasta too liquid.

If silver has a groove too much or dent - outs decorations, use a toothbrush to scrub more into it. Polishing silver or jewelry with many tarnishes can be daunting.

However, for the final touch, just sprinkle some baking soda on a damp cloth and rub. Rub until the stain is no longer visible. Rinse and dry well. These drugs work and will revive the lost sheen !

But be careful, there is also a dark side to how to fix this. Baking soda is considered too abrasive for silver, thus, may tend to damage the silver. So be careful ! Read more about how to remove stains from silver.

Rubbing Jewelry Silver with Tin Foil
Take a large pot and a blanket with a sheet of aluminum foil on the bottom. Place the tarnished silver items in aluminum foil. Now the pot is filled with a gallon of water on the stove and let it boil. After boiling a pot of boiling water grab it and place it in the sink.

Add one cup of baking soda into the frothing water. Boiling water could spill out, however, because there is a pot in the sink, you do not need to worry. Now, take the heat and pour baking soda on top of the silver in a pan lined with aluminum foil.

The water really should immerse silver jewelry. In a few minutes the stain will begin to disappear. For silver is very tarnished, you may need to perform the same procedure once more.

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